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Soundproofing Services in Prince George

Apex Insulation Inc. provides soundproofing services in Prince George and surrounding areas. Is the noise from your neighbours a little distracting? If so, our soundproofing services might be the right solution. You can depend on us for customized and personalized soundproofing services. We offer comprehensive soundproofing solutions for floors, ceilings, and walls without compromising on the aesthetics of your property. We offer free estimates on all our services.

Enjoy Quiet Time at Your Home

We offer soundproofing services using rock wool batting for additional suites and noise reduction in your new home. We provide an estimate and welcome new contractors/customers to experience the reliable quality of the Apex Insulation Inc. team.

Stop the Noise

We offer an array of insulation products at competitive pricing. Our soundproofing services would be great for any residential property in Prince George. If you are hearing a lot of noise from outside, then your home might not be well-insulated. Annoying noise is a big issue in townhouses, condominiums, and homes. Apex Insulation Inc. provides an effective soundproofing solution. Email us today for more details.


Soundproofing Solutions

Apex Insulation Inc. provides expert soundproofing solutions for residential floors, walls, and ceilings.

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